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Whisper Boy tells the tale of a boy who loves to sing but one day he loses his voice and a chance to sing in his school concert. That night he falls into a deep slumber and finds himself in a mystical world of talking animals, birds, and fairies. He is named Whisper Boy by the forest creatures who travel with him deep into the forest in search of his voice.

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Use the audio as an accompaniment to the Whisper Boy book, or as part of your personal singing lessons.

Butterfly Singing Book

Written and performed by Claire Everton.
Follow the 8 Butterfly Voice Exercises for beginners of song. These exercises can also be found at the end of the Whisper Boy book.

The Wonder Boy of Voice

Written and performed by Claire Everton.
Chapter 17 of the Whisper Boy book.

Whisper Boy. The Boy who lost and found his Voice - Written by Claire Everton

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The students enjoyed listening to ‘Whisper Boy’ immensely. They related to the central character, Peter, and followed the story of how he lost his voice with interest. The handy hints for looking after your voice at the end of each chapter were valuable not just for singing, but for oral language skills in general. We found that the information presented linked in well with the way we teach cued articulation and phonemic awareness in our classroom.

The magical story had a narrative that entranced the students with detailed pictures that transported them to imaginary worlds. I would recommend the story as a wonderful resource for teachers and parents to enjoy with their children, with the added bonus of learning and refining their voice skills along the way.

Leah Opie
Year 2 Classroom Teacher
Mentone Girls' Grammar School